About Me

Hi! I’m Lisa and I love making things. You’ve found the place where I’m writing about my sewing and knitting projects! Here’s me in a dress I made:


Yeah chillies!

I sew on my trusty Janome HD3000 which I bought in Singapore when I lived out there. I have a good few folders full of patterns that I haven’t made yet, and a whole drawer of half-done knitting projects, but there’s no hurry.

Who am I? I’m a British gal, originally from the south of England but now living up north in Yorkshire. I’ve been knitting since 2012 and sewing since 2016.

As well as crafts, I love to travel, and cook, and read books, and devour podcasts, and quiz, and generally learn. I also enjoy running and hiking and generally being outdoors. I’m slowly trying to learn my way around all the birds and trees and wildflowers we have in this beautiful country. I’ve also been doing some songwriting lately, but I’ll spare you that!

Live slow & make stuff 👌