Gallery of Makes

Photos are arranged with the newest makes at the top. I’ve got photos of most of my sewing projects but not many of my knitting ones, so this is a very sewing-heavy gallery.

Makes from 2022

So far this year I’ve completed 19 sewing projects, including 3 pattern tests. Although my pace of making has slowed down a little this year, I’ve actually been channelling that time into studying pattern drafting and fashion design. This hasn’t yet reflected in my projects – but watch this space!

Makes from 2021

In 2021 I finished a total of 35 sewing projects. I was a pattern tester for 4 patterns, and began drafting my own clothing patterns from scratch too. I even got sent a pattern for free which really made me feel like an influencer!

Other makes not pictured include a t-shirt for my husband, a batch of face masks (because 2021), a dressing room curtain for a friend’s shop in Wakefield, and other bits and bobs.

Makes from 2020

My sewing really levelled up in 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, I was working from home, and ditching the commute gave me loads of spare time which I invested in my sewing. I also started pattern testing for the first time, and began doing some freelance sewing content work for Create and Craft’s members’ magazine. In total I sewed 24 projects including 2 pattern tests.

Makes from 2019

In 2019 I was getting back up to speed on my sewing skills following a nearly 2 year hiatus due to life circumstances. After a simple skirt project at the end of year before, I threw myself in at the deep end by making my first shirt! I completed 12 projects in 2019, also including some embroidered linen handkerchiefs as an anniversary gift for my husband (not pictured).

Makes from 2016-2018

I started sewing in 2016 while living in Singapore, and I was a fairly prolific maker in that first year. 12 projects – not bad for a beginner! Then I only managed 3 makes across 2017-2018 as we lived in a place that had no room for my sewing machine.